EPC Programs Drive Savings for You

The EPC provides a wide array of programs and services that help member districts save money on purchases and operate more efficiently and effectively for the benefit of students, faculty and staff, and the communities they serve.

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View a complete list of all current EPC Vendors and their contact information here. - Updated 11/30/17

View a Summary of all our Programs here  - Updated 11/30/17
Powerpoint Review of EPC Purchasing Programs- Updated 12/5/17

Click on each link to learn more about the specific program category and to download pricing information:

AED's (Automated External Defibrillators)

Audio Visual/Technology 

Carpet Tiles

Classroom Supplies

Custodial Supplies

Drug/Alcohol Physicals
Federal Commodities

Food Service


Lamps / Ballasts

Liability, Fleet, Property Insurance

Library Books

Long Distance

Medical Supplies



Passenger Vans
Pickup Trucks

School Buses

Transportation Supplies - including bus cameras




Includes:  Administrative Software, Athletic Field Turf & Surfacing, Athletic & Recreational Lighting, Classroom/Office Supplies, Copiers, Custodial Restroom, Break Room & Safety Catalog, Furniture, Hardwood & Synthetic Flooring, Industrial Arts & Career Supplies Catalog, Interactive Classroom/Meeting Presentation Technology Catalog, Kitchen Supplies & Equipment, Live Finger Print Scan & Palm Scan, Maintenance& Repair Operations, Mobile Learning Solutions, Roofing & Building Envelope, Scoreboard & marquee Signate, Sports Equipment Catalog, Technology Catalog, Track & Court Surfaces and WalkThrough Metal Detectors.  

Pricing Period:  March 1, 2017 through February 28, 2018 

AEPA Brochure 

CDWG Driven Webinars on different technologies:

AEPA Flyers
CDWG - May 2015
Peripole Recorders - May 2015
Peripole Bergerault Orff Instruments - May 2015
CDWG - September 2015
CDWG - December 2015
Teaching Books - January 2016
Motz Group Fields - February 2016
Daktronics - February 2016
Quill March Offer - March 2016
Quill Chromebook Offer - March 2016
Clarke Chemical Free Cleaning - March 2016

What is the AEPA?  Click here to learn all about it!


Pricing Period:  April 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018

Vendor:  LifeServers

AED Pricing Extension - Posted 05/09/17
2017 Back to School Flyer - Check your Batteries & Electrodes - Posted 08/18/17

Additional Information, AED Flyer


Includes:  Camcorders, Cameras, Carts, Duplicators, DVD Players, Interactive White Boards, Laminators, Microphones, MP3 Players, Presenters, Projectors, Screens, SD Cards, Sound Systems, Speakers, Student Response Systems, Televisions, Tri Pods, Video Editors, Visual Presenters and Voice Recorders.

We are not providing AV/Technology Catalogs any longer.
As a member of the EPC you are eligible for AEPA Discounts.  This will allow you a general discount on ALL items carried.
We reccommend the following AEPA Vendors for Technology Products:  CDW-G & MNJ Technologies
Click here for Contact information for CDW-G & MNJ Technologies

2017-2018 Scott Electric Specialty Projection Lamp Catalog (posted 12/01/2017)



Pricing Period:  May 1, 2017 - April 30, 2018

Carpet Tile Pricing Extension and Pricing
Interface Flooring Contact Information



Pricing Period:  February 1, 2017 - January 31, 2018

Classroom Supply Pricing - Last updated 09/18/17
The link above will open in a new website (OneHub) and will allow for quicker downloading of file.  The spreadsheet has several colored tabs: Vendor Contacts/General Discounts, Supplies, *Acco/GBC, Duct Tape, Construction Paper, Paints, Special Needs, Physical Education, Early Education, Glazes and Science.  Most items are on the"General" tab.  (* The Acco/GBC items are not a part of the Clasroom Supply Bid - they are from the Audio Visual/Technology category - but they are included on this spreadsheet for your convenience.)

Meet your new vendors and find out how to set up new accounts and check non-bid item pricing by clicking the links below:
Friends Office
School Specialty



Includes:  Custodial Supplies, Playground Mulch and Salt.

Pricing Period:  May 9, 2017 - May 8, 2018
Custodial Pricing In Excel
Custodial Pricing IN PDF 


Includes:  Drug and Alcohol Testing, Physician Exams, Flu Shots, and Hepatitis B Shots.

Pricing Period:  August 1, 2017 - July 31, 2018
Drug & Alcohol Testing Pricing, Hours & Locations  (Updated 11/28/17)


Federal Commodities Program Brochure

About our Federal Commodities Program

Contact Stephanie Zinger for additional information on this program.


Pricing Period:  July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018
Food Products, Paper/Plastics, Chemicals, Small Wares, Produce, Bakery, Dairy & Ice Cream
Contact Stephanie Zinger for pricing & information

Join the EPC Food Service Google Group
Google Group Examples


Includes:  Instructional Classroom Furniture, Filing & Storage Cabinets, Furniture Systems, workstations, walls, Executive & Administrative Wood Furniture, Tables & Accessories, Fully upholstered Furniture, Cafeteria, Library, Science, Laboratory & Vocational Furnishings.

Pricing Extension Period:  June 1, 2017 - May 31, 2018
Manufacturers Matrix & Contact Information -
List of all the different Manufacturers/Brands that are available and which vendors carry them.  There is also a tab that contains contact information for each vendor listed below.  You must hover your mouse over each manufacturer on the Excel Sheet to view the percentage discount off of Manufacturer List Price.

Friends Office
School Outfitters
School Specialty
Tom Sexton & Associates                  


Includes:  Incandescent, Fluorescent, High-Intensity Discharge and Tungsten Halogen Lamps, Projection Lamps, and Ballasts.

Pricing Period:  
Projection Lamps 2017-2018 Catalog with Scott Electric
Lamps & Ballasts through May 31, 2018 with Becker Electric Supply, City Electric Supply Dayton & Richards Electric Supply.  

Lamps & Ballasts Pricing


Includes:  A liability, property & fleet insurance committee has been formed to study the feasibility of pooling districts together in a group program. This is a fully funded program allowing the committee control over the loss fund which represents 37% of premium.
EPC Liability Fleet & Property Brochure
Claims Reporting Kit -  Updated 09/28/2017
Contact Information - Updated 10/16/17

Employment Law Services - Free for all EPC LFP Members

Automobile Loss Notice
Property Loss Notice
General Liability Notice of Occurrence/Claim

Public Records Law Document



Pricing Period:  June 1, 2017 - May 31, 2018

 Library Book Discounts 

Vendors are providing discounts in addition to what they normally made available to school districts. Companies that did not provide additional discounts were rejected by the committee. Listed discounts apply to the vendor’s current catalog prices. Not the publishers list prices.


Qwest/Century Link Pricing

LOA - This form needs to be completed and signed to move school long distance service to Qwest/Century Link from another carrier.


Pricing Period:  May 1, 2017 - Aprl 30, 2018

Medical Supply Pricing in Excel
Medical Supply Pricing in PDF

Please be sure to include your District's Name and address as well as the Bid Number on your Purchase Orders.  Our vendors have been recieving orders without district information and do not know where to send the orders.  Vendor Contact information and Bid Numbers can be found on the "Vendor Contact" tab of the above Medical Supply Pricing Sheet.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) See Special EPC Pricing above under AED's.


Pricing Period:  May 1, 2017 - April 30, 2018

 Paint Pricing Extension



New Paper Bid Pricing:  October 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

Please note there are several tabs on the paper pricing spreadsheet.  (Vendor contact information, paper price comparisons, all paper pricing and color options).

Click here to view Paper Pricing thru March 31, 2018

Updated Contact information for Veritiv (Formerly Xpedx)

Pricing Period:  November 7, 2017 - Until 2018 Model Year Ends

Bid Awards - 8 & 10 Seat Seat Vans 

Passenger Van Contact Information


Pricing Period:  November 7, 2017 - until 2018 model year ends

Bid Awards - 1 Tab on spreadsheet for 3/4 Ton Pickup Trucks & the other tab is for 1 Ton Pickup Trucks

Pickup Truck Vendor Contact Information



Click here to go to the EPC
 Bus Page



Includes:  Antifreeze, Transmission Fuel, Fuel and Oil Conditioner, Motor Oil, Windshield Washer Fluid, Vehicle Lamps, New Tires, Retreads and Bus Cameras.

CURRENT PRICE PERIOD:  March 1, 2017 - February 28, 2018


Direct Energy Natural Gas Information Page

Contact Ken Swink directly for any Utility Program questions