Contacting the EPC Office During Corona-virus Outbreak

Contacting the EPC Office During Corona-virus Outbreak



We too at the EPC will be taking precautions per the direction of the Ohio Governor and Health Care Officials and limiting social distance in our office.  While we will always have a least one person present in our office over the next few weeks, we will still also be available by mobile phone or email and can accomodate the same serivce requests we always have with no interruption.

Because some may be working remotely, it may be more expedient to try email first.  For urgent health insurance plan issues for our EPC Benefit Plan Districts - please try calling mobile phone numbers if the person you need is not currently in the EPC Office.  Beyond calling the EPC Office directly, here is the additional needed contact information including some mobile numbers:

EPC Office

Ken Swink - EPC Director 
(937) 287-7669

Stephanie Zinger - Treasurer & Nutrition Director
(937) 206-4064

Connie Wright - Assistant to the Treasurer

Robin Houston - Bid Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Bonnie Berekemeyer - Food Service Consultant

EPC Benefits Office

Doug Merkle - Benefits Director
(513) 678-3731

Ellen Lewis - Benefits Plan Administrator
(513) 484-8745

Cristi Goldshot - Assistant Benefit Plan Administrator/Communications
(937) 474-1176

Sue Hartenstein, CEBS - Assistant Benefit Plan Administrator 

Jean Ann Cloud - Assistant Benefit Plan Administrator/Operations