VSP Vision


Renewal Rate Change Date: October 1

Open Enrollment Period: August 20 to September 15

Website: www.vsp.com

Customer Service: 1-800-877-7195

Claim Form Mailing Address:
VSP Non Member Dr. Claims
PO Box 2487
Columbus, OH 43216-2487

Claim Problems, Eligibility and Coverage Questions:
1. Check the website. VSP’s website has complete information showing when you are eligible for frames or lenses
2. Call Customer Service
3. If Customer Service is not able to resolve your problem, contact the EPC Office at 937-890-3725 or 1-800-589-6684 or sue.hartenstein@epcschools.org.

Using VSP:
Always remember to mention your VSP coverage when you schedule your optometrist’s appointment. They will then confirm your eligibility with VSP.