Anthem - CVS Caremark

ANTHEM Blue Access Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Renewal Rate Change Date:  Ocotber 1

Open Enrollment Period:  Late August




Customer Service 1-800-552-9159

Booklet Certificate Information - How to get a copy:

  1. Request a copy from Anthem at
  2. Check your school district website - it may be available there
  3. Call Anthem Customer Service

Claim Problems, Coverage Questions:

  1. Check the website for detailed claim information - it's the quickest way to find out if they've received yoru claim and what's happened to it.
  2. Call Customer Service - Have your ID Card in hand.  You'll need your unique ID number for security purposes.  
  3. Anthem is not able to resolve your problem, contact the EPC Office at 937-890-3725 or 1-800-589-6684 or